UFCW Unions & Participating Employers Health and Welfare Fund

Kroger Roanoke

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (“SBCs”)

RNK1 2017 SBC

RNK2 2017 SBC

RNK3 2017 SBC


Summary Plan Description (“SPD”) Booklets

Plans RNK 1, RNK 2 and RNK 3

2017 Open Enrollment

RNK1 Enroll Form Payroll Deduction 2017

RNK2 Enroll Form Payroll Deduction 2017

RNK3 Enroll Form Payroll Deduction 2017

Roanoke Open Enroll Letter 2017

Roanoke Plan Chart for RNK1 RNK2 RNK3 2016 Enrollment

Downloads (Forms And Important Notices)

Kroger Medicare Retiree Termination Ltr

Kroger Pre-Medicare Retiree Termination Ltr

UFCW Preventive Services Benefits 

Summary of Material Modifications December 2017

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